CH JCH Moonlight Budulis S Almaznogo Ostrova



HD – A, ED – 0;
NCL-A Clear;


2x best baby of breed
Junior Champion of Lithuania
Lithuanian Champion
Belarus Champion
Czech rep. Champion
Estonian Champion


TOP 2 Sporting Dog in Lithuania

2x BIS Female (TOP DOG)

Weight Pulling PRO
5x 1st place
5x 2nd place
1x 3rd place

Weight Pull Sprint
2x 1st place

Weight Pull Drag
2x2nd place
1x3rd place

Mill Race

2x1st place
1x 2nd place
4x 3rd place

Wall Climbing
1x 1st place
3x 2nd place

High Jump
1x3rd place

Long Jump
1x2nd place
2x3rd place

A Frame

1x1st place

Tug Of War
5x winner

I Sporting Dog Show Lithuania 2015
3rd plc Puppy Race >6mnth 4,72sek.

IISDS – Sporting Dog Show Lithuania 2016
1st Tug Of War
2nd Wall Climbing 2,8m
3rd Long Jump regular kl. 2 m

3rd Treadmill Race 0,59km/2min
4th Weight Pulling PRO >20kg 1460kg(coef. 61,09)

III Sporting Dog Club’s Show 2016 – Pokrzywna, Poland
1st place Weight Pulling, Pro class >25 kg. 1900kg ( coef. 74,71)
Wall Climbing 3,10 m

European Championship 2016 / XIII Pit Bull Show BIAŁYSTOK
2nd place Weight Pull PRO >20kg – 4500kg (coef. 184,50)
1st place Weight Pull Sprint fem. >20kg
2nd place Mill Race fem. >20kg
winner Tug Of War

ADBA FUN Show – Źywiec 2016:
1st Weight Pulling Pro: 2300kg coef. 91,74
3rd Mill Race: 0,813km / 2min

2nd Croatian APBT show
2nd place Weight Pulling 2040 kg (coef. 90,27)

1st place in the category 22,5-27 kg by the point sistem
BEST IN SHOW female (TOP DOG by the point sistem )
High jump 1,75m – 3rd place
Mill race 865 m/2min – 1st place
Long jump 1,7 m – 2nd place
Sprint pull 3,9 s – 2nd place
A frame 14 times/min – 1st place
Wall climbing 2,7 m – 2nd place
Tug of war ch – 2nd place
Weight pulling – 2040kg 2nd place

Moonlight Budulis S Almaznogo Ostrova aka Moony 24,02 kg
1st place Weight Pull PRO coef. 195,67 (4700 kg)
1st place Treadmill Race 360 m/min
2nd place Wall Climbing 2,55m
3rd place Weight Drag Pulling
TOW win after 18min

European Championship 2017 / XIII Pit Bull Show BIAŁYSTOK
2nd place Weig

ht Pull PRO >20kg – 5800 kg (coef. 259)

1st place Weight Pull Sprint fem. >20kg

V. PBS Slovakia & IV. Cup Of Carpathians 2017
BEST IN SHOW female (TOP DOG by the point sistem)
2nd place Weight Pull PRO 1800kg (coef. 84,9)
2nd place Weight Drag Pulling
3rd place Treadmill Race
TOW win

GAME DOG FUN SHOW & 1st ADBA Sanctioned Conformation Show ŻYWIEC 2017
1st place profi weight pulling females 1660 kg (coef. 75,45)
MWPP – Best coef. PRO over 22 kg

IV Sportingt Dog Show Lithuania
1st plc WEIGHTPULL PRO (female >20) koef. 134,21 2860kg
3rd plc LONG JUMP

APA THREE PULL Rakovník, Czech
2rd place (5215,6 lbs pulled / koef.102,25)
3th place (5746 lbs pulled / koef. 112,66)







HD - A/B, ED - 0, ataxia - CARRIER , IPO I
CH Mane Et Nocte S Almaznogo Ostrova

HD - A, ED - 0, ataxia - CLEAR, heart - FREE

Shagane S Аlmaznogo Оstrova

HD - A, ED - 0, ataxia - CLEAR
INTER MULTI CH Kpc Meet You At Midnight Lesoto

Tzusima Alvik S Almaznogo Ostrova